Lala Kent Regrets Attacking Raquel Leviss at ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion

Lala Kent’s view of the Vanderpump Rules meeting changed after the third part aired on Wednesday.

The founder of Give Them Lala, openly expressed her post-reunion regrets concerning the treatment of Raquel Leviss.

Following the reunion taping, Lala Kent admitted to feeling a sense of discomfort, “In the immediate aftermath of the reunion, I felt a sense of unease. When I watched last night’s episode and witnessed Leviss’s emotional breakdown, it resonated with me on a human level. As someone who views the show as a form of reality television, it struck me that we may be dealing with an individual who is ill-suited for this type of platform”.

Kent further added, “Participating in a show like this can be challenging, and one must acknowledge the consequences of making poor decisions. When engaging in such activities while simultaneously launching verbal attacks at others, events such as these are likely to occur”.

Addressing the repercussions of making regrettable choices on camera, she stated, “One must be prepared to face criticism. I cannot speak for others, but during the final five minutes, I found myself contemplating, ‘Oh dear, she truly needs substantial assistance.’ I sincerely hope she has received the necessary support”.


During Wednesday night’s reunion, the scandal surrounding Scandoval—the revelation that Leviss, aged 28, had engaged in an affair with her VPR co-star Tom Sandoval—was further explored. At that time, Sandoval, aged 39, was in a long-term relationship with Leviss’s friend and fellow co-star, Ariana Madix.

As Raquel confronted her co-stars regarding the affair, insults were hurled, and Sandoval was berated for his manner of discussing intimacy with his former partner. Madix, even went as far as telling Leviss to “engage in a highly unpleasant activity involving a cheese grater”.

Despite Leviss being portrayed as the season’s antagonist, Kent is not the sole individual whose opinion of Leviss appears to be undergoing a shift. When asked if she empathizes with Leviss to some extent, Madix responded affirmatively, stating, “Certainly, yes”.

According to our source, Leviss checked into a mental health treatment facility in April and has yet to return home. The source disclosed, “Following the conclusion of reunion filming, Raquel voluntarily sought inpatient treatment at a behavioral health and trauma facility, where she continues to remain as of today—amounting to 68 days and counting”.

The source also added, “She is a young woman who has demonstrated genuine remorse for her actions and has offered numerous apologies. Her treatment is assisting her in understanding the underlying causes of her choices, learning from her mistakes, and striving to make more informed decisions while becoming a better individual. Raquel eagerly anticipates sharing her story, in its unfiltered truth, once she completes her treatment”.

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