‘XO, Kitty’ Renewed at Netflix for Season 2

Netflix has officially renewed XO, Kitty for a second season, which means there’s more to look forward to in Kitty Song Covey’s thrilling adventures in Seoul. Stay tuned for the next chapter of excitement!

In XO, Kitty, this teen matchmaker, Kitty Song Covey, thinks she’s got love all figured out. But hey, when she jets off to be with her long-distance boyfriend, things get real complicated ’cause now it’s her own heart on the line.

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In Season 1, Kitty developed feelings for Yuri, her former enemy-turned-friend, even though she was already dating Dae. To throw off Yuri’s mom, they pretended to be in a relationship while Yuri is actually with Julianna. Things got messy for Kitty when she got expelled from KISS for staying in the boys’ dorm, and everyone found out on her last day of school. To add more drama, on her flight back to Portland, she discovered that Dae’s friend Minho has feelings for her.

The series got a lot of love from critics! Janelle Zara from The Guardian said the show is a “charming Netflix teen series”.

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