Who Is Queen Letizia? 10 Things to Know About the Queen

With King Felipe VI ascending the throne, his wife, Letizia Ortiz, transitions from comparison with Kate Middleton to Spain’s new queen. A figure of elegance and style, Letizia brings a wealth of experience and a unique background to her role as queen.

A Distinguished Career Before Royalty

Before her royal marriage, Letizia was a celebrated TV presenter and journalist, recognized as Spain’s best journalist under 30 in 2002, shortly before her encounter with Felipe.

Winning Over the Nation

The tragic suicide of her younger sister, Erika, at 31, drew public sympathy towards Letizia. She expressed her gratitude for the support during a memorial service, gaining public favor through personal tragedy.

Reporting from Ground Zero

Letizia’s journalistic career included reporting from Ground Zero during the 2001 attacks and covering significant events like an oil spillage in northern Spain in November 2002, where her romance with Felipe began.

A Fairytale Wedding

In 2004, Letizia married Felipe in a fairytale ceremony, wearing a Manuel Pertegaz gown with a 15-foot train and a tiara worn by Queen Sofia at her wedding to King Juan Carlos.

A Relatable Mother

Despite her royal status, Letizia is seen doing regular motherly duties, such as taking her children, Leonor and Sofia, to school, showcasing a grounded approach to parenting.

Overcoming Controversy

Previously married in a civil ceremony to Alfonso Guerrero in 1998, Letizia faced controversy but did not need an annulment for her Catholic marriage to Felipe due to the nature of her first marriage.

A Sustainable Fashion Icon

Known for her fashion sense, Letizia isn’t shy about recycling outfits, often spotted in her favorite pieces multiple times, much to the delight of fashion bloggers.

An Unconventional Path to Royalty

Descending from non-royal lineage, with a grandfather who was a taxi driver, Letizia represents the first queen of Spanish descent since the early 20th century.

Embracing Modernity

In 2008, Letizia underwent surgery to correct a respiratory issue, reflecting the modern royal’s embrace of practical health decisions.

Asserting Her Presence

Known for her spirited personality, Letizia famously told Felipe to let her finish speaking during their engagement announcement, showcasing her assertiveness and independence.

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