This Morning’s Josie Gibson Weight Loss Journey

Josie Gibson, a presenter on This Morning, recently shared her experience of losing 84 pounds (38Kg) in six months ten years ago. Despite facing negative comments from internet trolls and challenges during lockdowns, Josie has become a well-known TV personality and has been open about her struggles with body image.

After her appearance on Big Brother in 2010, Josie successfully transformed her body from a size 20 to a size eight. She went on to release a weight loss book and DVD, gaining recognition as a weight loss inspiration for many people.

In 2016, Josie also documented her tummy tuck surgery, which helped remove excess skin after her weight loss journey.

Josie Gibson

In 2013, Josie started her weight loss journey and managed to lose 6 stone (84 pounds) in one year. She achieved this by eating healthy food and exercising regularly. She went from a size 20 to a size 8-10, and even released workout DVDs like 30 Second Slim and Josie Gibson’s 21 Day Fat Burn.

She also wrote a book called The Josie Gibson Diet in 2014, where she talked about cutting out sugar and processed food from her diet. Josie even had surgery to remove excess skin after her weight loss in 2016.

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During her tummy tuck surgery, Josie had 6 pounds of weight and 13 inches of excess skin removed. However, her body went through changes again. When Josie was pregnant with her son Reggie, who was born in September 2018, she gained around 63 pounds (28kg).

She faced some health concerns and was warned about the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. She managed to get back on track with her health, but admitted to facing challenges along the way.

Josie revealed that stress played a role in her weight gain, which was further exacerbated by the COVID-19 lockdowns. She explained that her way of coping with stress is through eating, and as a result, she went up to a size 18.

She expressed feeling disconnected from herself when she looked in the mirror and no longer recognized the person she saw.

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