10 Most Influential TV Shows Of The 2000s

The 2000s was a great time for films and TV series. The TV shows back then may not have been as fancy as today’s, but they have a special nostalgic and comforting feel that’s missing in current sitcoms.

The characters in the early 2000s shows were simpler, which made them easy to enjoy. Watching those shows can take you back to a time before technology ruled entertainment, when life was simpler.

Find out where to stream the best TV shows of the 2000s, below.

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10. House (2004 – 2012)

House, also called House, M.D., is a really popular medical TV show. It’s about a brilliant doctor named Dr. Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie. In each episode, Dr. House tries to figure out mysterious medical cases that seem impossible to solve.

But House is more than just a medical show. It also focuses on the personal lives and problems of the main characters. They face different challenges, like ethical dilemmas or romantic situations. This makes the show interesting and relatable.

The medical cases in House are not real, they are made up. However, they are really fascinating and keep viewers hooked. Fans of the show can’t wait to watch each new episode and find out what happens next.

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9. The Office (2005 – 2013)

The Office is a really funny TV show that looks like a documentary. It’s considered one of the best comedy series ever. The show became popular for using interviews where the characters talk directly to the camera. This broke the “fourth wall” and made it unique.

The Office is based on a British show with the same name. It aired for nine seasons from 2005 to 2013. It had a big impact on comedy TV shows. Another show called 30 Rock was also part of this comedy revolution. Even today, it still inspires new shows like Abbott Elementary.

The Office is about the workers at a paper company called Dunder Mifflin. The story is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The boss, Michael Scott, is often not very good at his job and does funny things. The show is different because it doesn’t have a laugh track and is filmed with just one camera. This made other creators change how they made comedy shows. The Office was a big influence on TV in the 2000s.

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8. The Big Bang Theory (2007 – 2019)

The Big Bang Theory is a really popular and funny TV show. It’s a sitcom that many people love. The main characters are smart scientists who are a bit awkward in social situations. They go through funny and sometimes strange events, and we get to laugh at how they handle them.

The main characters are Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, and Penny. As the show goes on, more characters join the group. We follow their adventures and laugh at the funny things that happen to them.

The Big Bang Theory became a big deal and was loved by many. It was known for celebrating people who love geeky things and have unique personalities. Even though the show ended in 2019, it still has a lot of fans who will always remember it as one of the best shows of the 2000s.

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7. Modern Family (2009 – 2020)

Modern Family is a really funny TV show that looks like a documentary. It’s about three different families who live in Los Angeles. The show ran for eleven seasons and had a lot of hilarious moments that made people laugh.

The main family is called the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family. The dad is Jay Pritchett, and he’s married to Gloria. Gloria has a son named Manny. Then there’s Jay’s daughter Claire, her husband Phil, and their three kids. And finally, there’s Jay’s son Mitchell, his partner Cameron, and their daughter Lily.

The show is known for its funny and light-hearted stories. Some people didn’t like it, but the fans really loved it. They enjoyed watching the crazy things the characters did. The show ended in 2020, but people will always remember it for being funny and entertaining.

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6. The Sopranos (1999 – 2007)

The Sopranos is a TV show that had a big impact on television. It started in 1999 and ran for six seasons until 2007. The show is about Tony Soprano, a mob boss from New Jersey who also has a family. He struggled with his two roles and had a lot of conflicts.

One interesting thing about The Sopranos is that Tony went to therapy with a psychiatrist named Jennifer Melfi. This added a new aspect to the crime drama genre. The show won awards like the Peabody, Emmy, and Golden Globe, and it became really popular. It helped HBO become known for making high-quality dramas.

The Sopranos also introduced the idea of an anti-hero. Tony is the main character, even though he does bad things as the head of a criminal organization. Audiences still liked him and wanted him to succeed. The show had a divisive ending, but it’s still remembered as a memorable series.

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5. The Wire (2002 – 2008)

The Wire is a TV show that was really different from other crime dramas. It was created by David Simon, who used to be a reporter covering the police. The show started in 2002 and had a unique approach.

Instead of just focusing on the police, The Wire looked at how different parts of society, like schools and politics, affect the lives of people in Baltimore. Each season tackled different issues, but they all showed the real struggles people face.

What made The Wire special was that it didn’t have simple good guys and bad guys. It showed that people and institutions are complex, and sometimes there are no easy answers. The show was realistic and didn’t shy away from the gray areas.

Even though it was somewhat overshadowed by The Sopranos at the time, The Wire was groundbreaking. It’s been over twenty years since it first aired, but the issues it talked about are still important today. The show made a lasting impact and is still relevant.

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4. Sex And The City (1998 – 2004)

Sex and the City is a TV show that became really important in the 2000s. It started in 1998 but had a big impact on television and the people who watched it. The show was created by Darren Star and directed by Michael Patrick King.

Sex and the City was different because it focused on women and their lives. It was about their friendships, careers, interests, and what they wanted in relationships. The main character was Carrie Bradshaw, a writer in New York who wrote a column about sex and relationships. She had three close friends: Miranda, who was a lawyer and kind of negative; Charlotte, who was optimistic and cared a lot about love; and Samantha, who loved sex and worked in public relations.

The show was narrated by Carrie and it celebrated New York City. It talked about sex and relationships in a way that was new and interesting at the time. It also changed how romantic comedies were made. Sex and the City inspired many other shows that came after it.

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3. 30 Rock (2006 – 2013)

30 Rock is another important TV show from the 2000s. It was created by Tina Fey, who used to write for Saturday Night Live (SNL). The show is a satire and is inspired by Fey’s experiences working on SNL.

The main character, Liz Lemon, is based on Fey. In the show, she is the head writer and showrunner of a comedy show called TGS with Tracy Jordan. The show stars an unpredictable comedian named Tracy Jordan and a self-centered actress named Jenna Maroney.

Liz Lemon has to deal with the crazy behavior of her stars and the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated writer’s room. She also has to work with a network executive named Jack Donaghy, who is very loyal to the company and believes in capitalism.

30 Rock is known for its funny and surreal humor. The writing is sharp, and the show uses cutaway gags, which are quick jokes that interrupt the main story. This hadn’t been done so much in a live-action series before.

The show had a great cast and was well-loved by many. It was another influential series that left its mark on TV during the 2000s.

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2. Lost (2004 – 2010)

Lost was a TV show that had a big impact on network television. It aired from 2004 to 2010 and was created by Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams, and Damon Lindelof. The show had six seasons and changed the way TV shows were made.

Lost’s story started with survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious island. As they explored the island, strange things happened that had supernatural elements. The characters had different beliefs, and this caused conflicts between faith and reason.

The show blended different genres and had a clever way of telling the story. It used flashbacks and sometimes flashforwards to show more about the characters and deepen the narrative.

Lost was exciting because it mixed thrilling suspense, supernatural mysteries, and drama between the characters. Although some seasons were uneven, the show still had a big impact and was loved by many. It showed that TV shows could be really creative and unique.

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1. Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

Breaking Bad is a really amazing TV show that is considered one of the best ever made. It has won many awards and is loved by fans all over the world. The show tells the story of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who turns into a scary person in the world of drugs.

Walter’s transformation happens because he is desperate and has cancer. He wants to provide for his family, so he starts making and selling methamphetamine. His partner is Jesse Pinkman, who is street-smart but troubled. Together, they navigate the dangerous criminal world.

The characters in Breaking Bad are morally complex, which means they are not just good or bad. The show takes viewers on a thrilling journey filled with violence, betrayal, and surprising twists. It makes people think about what is right and wrong through Walter’s unforgettable story.

Breaking Bad is a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat and will leave you shocked more than once. It’s a gripping and emotional series that has captivated audiences around the world.

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