20 Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

Expensive diamonds, often regarded as a woman’s best friend, possess an unparalleled allure that captures hearts universally.

Derived from the ancient Greek word “Adamao“, meaning indestructible, these exquisite and robust gemstones are nearly impervious to damage.

This exclusivity lasted until the emergence of Graphene, which dethroned Diamond as Earth’s strongest substance.

Nevertheless, Diamonds remain among the most prized and cherished stones globally, boasting captivating narratives that frequently accompany them.

Here’s a compilation of the 20 most expensive diamonds worldwide, complete with their respective price tags.

20. Allnatt Diamond

20. Allnatt Diamond

The Allnatt diamond is named after its owner, Ernest Allnatt, an English philanthropist. This dazzling gem weighs an impressive 101.29 carats and boasts a vibrant yellow color that glows and reflects light. Notably, it possesses VS2 clarity, which is quite rare for a diamond of its size. The diamond was showcased in The Splendor of Diamonds exhibition, adding to its value and allure. Despite its beauty, the diamond’s origin remains a mystery, though some believe it might come from South Africa. It was sold at a Christie’s auction in Geneva for an astounding $3.043 million in May 1996.

19. The Sancy Diamond

The Sancy Diamond stands out with its shield-shaped, light yellow appearance. It’s one of the earliest diamonds to feature symmetrical facets. Its origin is believed to be Indian, possibly linked to the Mughal era. With no established value, estimations place it around $6 million. Its historical recognition in Europe dates back to 1570.

18. Golden Jubilee Diamond

Discovered in South Africa’s Premier Mine in 1986, the Golden Jubilee Diamond underwent a remarkable transformation due to internal cracks. Gabriel Tolkowsky, a skilled diamond cutter, shaped it into a 148-facet cushion form from a 700-carat stone. The finished diamond weighed 545.65 carats, making it the world’s largest faceted diamond at the time. The Royal family of Thailand acquired it from De Beers, placing it on a royal scepter to commemorate Rama IX’s 50th reign anniversary. The diamond is now valued at $12 million.

17. The Heart of Eternity

The Heart of Eternity is a striking blue diamond discovered in South Africa’s Premier Diamond Mine. The Steinmetz Group skillfully cut this remarkable diamond from a 777-carat raw stone. While it’s rumored that boxer Floyd Mayweather purchased it for his then-fiancée in 2012, this remains unconfirmed by De Beers. Its value surpasses $16 million, ranking it as the 17th most expensive diamond globally.

16. Archduke Joseph Diamond

Named after Archduke Joseph August of Austria, this antique cushion-shaped diamond is among the most valuable colorless diamonds. Molina Fine Jewelers acquired it in 2021 through a Christie’s auction in Geneva, with a final bid of $21.5 million.

15. The Sakura Diamond

Meaning “cherry blossom” in Japanese, the Sakura Diamond showcases delicate purple-pink hues. Graded as fancy bright, it ranks in the top 4% of pink diamonds. Cut from a 27.8-carat rough diamond found in Yakutia mines, it fetched $29.29 million at auction in 2021, although falling short of the initial estimate of $38 million.

14. The Orange Diamond

Known as “fire diamonds”, the pear-shaped Orange Diamond weighs 14.82 carats, making it four times larger than typical gems of its kind. Its uniqueness led to a record-breaking sale of $35.5 million at a Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction.

13. The Princie Diamond

The historically significant Princie Diamond, a cushion-cut intense pink diamond weighing about 34.65 carats, sparked disputes. It was sold for a staggering $39.3 million to the Qatari royal family at a Christie’s auction in 2013, triggering legal claims from the descendants of an Italian senator who allege its rightful ownership.

12. Lesotho Legend

Unearthed in the Kingdom of Lesotho in 2018, the Lesotho Legend is a class IIa colorless diamond. Its remarkable quality and size, equivalent to two golf balls, led to a swift sale of $40 million within two months of its discovery.

11. The Graff Pink Diamond

Purchased by diamond trader Lawrence Graff at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva for $46.2 million, the Graff Pink Diamond underwent polishing to enhance its brilliant pink hue. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified its internal perfection. This diamond was previously owned by renowned jeweler Harry Winston.

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10. The Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond

In 2015, Hong Kong millionaire Joseph Lau purchased the Blue Moon diamond for $48.4 million and named it “The Blue Moon of Josephine” after his daughter. This fancy blue diamond emits a red glow under UV light.

9. The Winston Pink Legacy

In 2018, Harry Winston acquired The Pink Legacy diamond from the Oppenheimer family for $50.4 million at a Christie’s auction. This exquisite diamond is now set in a rose gold and platinum ring with colorless shield-cut diamonds on each side.

8. The Graff Lesedi La Rona

Graff Diamonds obtained the raw Lesedi La Rona diamond of 1,109 carats in 2017. After over 18 months of cutting and polishing, it resulted in a 302.37-carat jewel and 66 smaller diamonds. This diamond holds two world records as the largest square emerald cut diamond and the largest diamond with exceptional color and clarity certified by GIA. Its value stands at $53 million.

7. The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond is a fancy intense blue diamond with a platinum ring and emerald cut. This extraordinary gem features trapeze-shaped colorless diamonds on each side. It set a new world record by fetching $57.5 million at auction in 2016.

6. The Regent Diamond

The Regent Diamond is a unique white diamond with delicate blue undertones. Believed to have been discovered in India’s Kollur Mine by a slave in 1698, it holds over 300 years of history. The French state owns this diamond displayed at the Louvre, estimated to be worth around $61 million.

5. The Pink Star Diamond

De Beers unearthed the Pink Star in 1999, a 132.5-carat rough diamond from South Africa. Certified Fancy Vivid Pink by the Gemological Institute of America, it was auctioned in 2017 to Chow Tai Fook Enterprises for $71.2 million.

4. De Beers Centenary Diamond

Weighing 273.85 carats, the De Beers Centenary Diamond is the third-largest diamond discovered in South Africa’s Premier Mine. It boasts the highest color grade (D) and perfect clarity. Although no longer owned by De Beers, its value is estimated at $100 million.

3. The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond, a fancy dark grayish-blue diamond with a tumultuous history, was rediscovered after being stolen from King Louis XIV in 1668. Associated with bad luck, it’s now exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum, donated by Harry Winston, and valued between $200–$350 million.

2. The Cullinan Diamond

Discovered in South Africa’s Premier No. 2 mine, the Cullinan Diamond was the largest rough diamond ever found. It initially weighed 3,106.75 carats, later splitting into 9 diamonds that are now part of the British Crown Jewels. While it lost its title as the largest diamond in 1985, its value remains significant.

1. Koh-i-Noor Diamond

The Koh-i-Noor diamond, meaning “mountain of light” in Persian, is part of the British Crown Jewels. This colorless gemstone, discovered in India and weighing 105.6 carats, is considered priceless. The entire Crown collection is estimated to be worth over $1 billion.

FAQ: The World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

What makes diamonds so captivating and highly valued?

Diamonds have an unmatched allure due to their brilliance, durability, and association with timeless beauty. They were even regarded as “a woman’s best friend” in the article. Additionally, their near-indestructible nature, originating from the Greek word “Adamao,” adds to their mystique.

Does graphene have an impact on the exclusivity of diamonds?

Graphene, a super-strong material, dethroned diamonds as the Earth’s strongest substance. This marks a significant shift in the understanding of material strength, highlighting the continuous evolution of scientific knowledge.

What is unique about the Heart of Eternity Diamond?

The Heart of Eternity is a striking blue diamond skillfully cut from a 777-carat raw stone. While its rumored connection to boxer Floyd Mayweather remains unconfirmed, its value exceeds $16 million, securing its place among the most expensive diamonds globally.

What is the meaning of the Koh-i-Noor Diamond?

The Koh-i-Noor Diamond, meaning “mountain of light,” is part of the British Crown Jewels. Discovered in India and weighing 105.6 carats, its priceless value reflects its historical and cultural significance. The entire Crown collection is estimated to be worth over $1 billion.

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