Elliot Page Says He & Olivia Thirlby Had Sex ‘All the Time’

Elliot Page has chosen to reveal a past romantic relationship he had with his Juno co-star, Olivia Thirlby.

In his recently published memoir titled Pageboy, the 36-year-old actor reflects on Thirlby, also 36, being the “first woman I engaged in a mutually consensual romantic relationship with”.

Page, renowned for portraying Juno MacGuff in the acclaimed 2007 comedy that won an Oscar, reminisces about meeting Thirlby, who played Juno’s closest friend, Leah. He describes her as someone who, despite being the same age, appeared much more mature, capable, and grounded. In terms of their sexual attitudes, she was far more open-minded than Page was at that time.

Within the pages of his book, Page writes about the undeniable chemistry they shared and his own feelings of embarrassing shyness around Thirlby. As their bond as co-stars grew, Page recollects a moment when Thirlby confessed, “I’m genuinely attracted to you”, to which Page responded in kind. This admission led to passionate embraces.

“We began engaging in sexual activity frequently: in her hotel room, in our trailers at work, and once even in a small, private room within a restaurant. In retrospect, we naively believed we were discreet”, he reveals. “Being intimate with Olivia alleviated my feelings of shame. I could not detect a trace of judgment in her eyes, and I yearned for that—no longer wanting to feel miserable about my true self”.


Page disclosed that he maintained a “secret” relationship and remains uncertain whether his mother, who accompanied him at a Vancouver hotel during the film production, harbored any suspicions during that time.

Thirlby publicly embraced her bisexuality in 2011 when she expressed to Brooklyn Magazine, “No one should feel forced to hide their sexual orientation. Loving others is an integral part of our humanity, and it’s extremely difficult to love secretly. Forcing people to keep it a secret is deeply unjust. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t identify myself as exclusively heterosexual… I consider myself incredibly lucky to have a profession that allows me to be authentic…”.

In 2014, the talented actress tied the knot with Jacques Pienaar, whom she crossed paths with while working on the exciting 2012 action film, Dredd.


In 2014, Page bravely embraced his true self by publicly coming out as gay, and in December 2020, he further revealed his identity as a transgender individual.

“The emotions I’m feeling are beyond anything I could have imagined. It’s a sensation I never believed I would have the privilege of experiencing, and it primarily manifests in the profound sense of presence, ease, and simply being able to exist”, Page shared.

Page acknowledged that this sense of fulfillment often reveals itself during quieter moments. He spoke of the notion of “trans joy” and the euphoria that comes with it, pointing out that it often resides in the stillness.

The simple act of holding his shoulders back and feeling a newfound freedom from the anxiety and disconnection he had previously experienced is a source of immense joy. He described how, in the past, he had constantly felt closed off and unable to truly inhabit his own skin.

By sharing his journey, Page not only sheds light on his personal transformation but also contributes to the collective understanding of the diverse experiences and emotions within the transgender community.

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