12 Best Binge Worthy KDrama and Movies on Hulu

One of the best things about Hulu is its extensive collection of streaming KDrama. What sets it apart is the absence of commercials and its smart feature that skips dull introductions and title sequences. If you’re craving flair, drama, and engaging plots, Korean dramas with long-lost rich siblings and wealthy parents are the perfect choice!

From heartwarming series like While You Were Sleeping to the timeless classic I Saw the Devil, Korean dramas on Hulu will surely fill the void you’ve been feeling. The platform regularly updates its list, ensuring you have access to all the best Korean dramas and series, providing you with endless entertainment and enjoyment!

Shadow Detective

Shadow Detective revolves around Kim Taek-rok, an experienced detective on the verge of retirement, who receives disturbing calls from someone confessing to killing his colleague. As suspicions arise, Squad Chief Kook Jin-han investigates Taek-rok but later becomes convinced of his innocence. With the help of detectives Lee Sung-a and Son Kyung-chan, they work together to uncover the identity of the mysterious caller.

This gripping KDrama crime thriller is known for its profound script, dedicated cast, and skilled camerawork, immersing the audience in its intense and three-dimensional storytelling. Shadow Detective takes viewers on a thrilling journey filled with suspense and intrigue, leading to the success of a sequel season.

The Host

The Host is another brilliant work by director Bong Joon Ho, who later directed Parasite The film takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, invoking feelings of dread, thrill, grief, and even delight at times. The story swiftly introduces a groundbreaking creature that sets the stage for the thrilling plot.

The film follows Gang-du, a clueless man in his 40s, who is trying to raise his young daughter after his wife abandoned them. Although he’s content running a snack shop by the Han River, his life takes a drastic turn when a squid monster suddenly appears and snatches his daughter away. Gang-du teams up with his unemployed brother and a sister who is a skilled archer to hunt down the beast and save the young girl, leading to a gripping and suspenseful journey.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a mystery crime drama with a touch of comedy, centered around Park Chang-ho, a chatty lawyer known for his low 10% winning rate. Mistaken for the brilliant swindler Big Mouse during a murder case, he finds himself in life-threatening danger.

His wife, Go Mi-ho, a wise and courageous nurse who supported his legal career, embarks on a mission to clear his name. The series skillfully delves into class politics and issues of incarceration, unfolding a compelling story with captivating lead actors. With engaging twists and thrilling moments, Big Mouth keeps viewers hooked until the end.

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping tells a captivating story of fate and the power of dreams. Three young individuals discover their unique ability to foresee future events while they sleep. Nam Hong-joo has premonitory dreams, and Jung Jae-chan is a prosecutor with a strong sense of justice. Their lives intertwine when they both have a shared dream about a tragic event.

As the plot unfolds, the characters grapple with the moral dilemmas of their extraordinary gifts. They face the challenge of deciding whether to act on their visions and try to alter the future. This drama skillfully blends romance and fantasy, taking the audience on an emotional journey filled with suspense, heartache, and hope.

May It Please The Court

In May It Please The Court, No Chak-hee, an ambitious attorney at a law firm, faces a setback that jeopardizes her promotion. Instead of giving up, she becomes a public defender and shares an office with the enigmatic Jwa Si-baek.

Though they don’t get along, No Chak-hee and Jwa Si-baek team up to solve a serial murder case involving wealthy elderly victims. The gripping mystery keeps viewers guessing about the true identity of the killer. The series expertly weaves dark themes, class confrontations, humor, and a touch of romance, making it a top-notch legal drama.

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun is a popular drama that appeals to romance enthusiasts by avoiding typical genre clichés. It showcases a powerful performance from the main leads and combines sappy moments with patriotic action themes, making it a perfect watch for K-drama fans.

The story revolves around special forces officer Yoo Shi Jin and surgeon Kang Mo Yeon. They unexpectedly meet after an encounter with a gang at a hospital. However, their time together is cut short due to Shi Jin’s army drafts. Despite the challenges, fate reunites them, hinting that they are meant to be together despite the complications they face.

I Saw the Devil

KDrama thriller films often impress fans, and director Kim Jee-woon’s 2010 movie I Saw the Devil is no exception. It takes a grim and explicit approach to the genre, fearlessly depicting raw violence through the eyes of a vicious serial killer.

The story revolves around Jang Kyung-chul, a terrifying psychopath who commits heinous murders of men, women, and children. Despite authorities’ efforts, they can’t capture him. Tragically, he targets the daughter of a retired police chief and kills her in a horrifying manner. Her fiancée, Soo-hyun , who is also a secret agent, discovers the killer’s identity and vows to seek revenge, even if it means embracing darkness himself.

Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen is a genre-blending drama that combines body-swap comedy, time-travel, and political intrigue set in the Joseon era. Present-day chef Jang Bong-hwan has an accident and finds himself in the body of Queen Kim So-yong, married to King Cheol-jong. As the new queen, Jang Bong-hwan must adapt to the customs and gender roles of the time.

In the meantime, King Cheol-jong faces corruption in the court, with Grand Queen Dowager Sun-won leading the charge. The drama follows the humorous and intriguing journey of this unlikely duo as they navigate their new identities and confront the challenges that come their way. Mr. Queen offers a delightful and captivating viewing experience with its mix of comedy, time-travel elements, and historical politics.

Kiss Sixth Sense

In this fantasy workplace rom-com and webtoon adaptation, Seo Ji-hye from Crash Landing on You takes on the role of Hong Ye-sul, an account executive. What makes her unique is her magical ability to see the future through a kiss. When she accidentally kisses her team chief, Cha Min-hoo, she has a vision of herself being in bed with him.

As Ye-sul grapples with the idea of developing feelings for her difficult boss, her ex-boyfriend Lee Pil-yo unexpectedly appears at work. They end up collaborating on a new project, and he confesses that he wants to get back together with her. The story revolves around Ye-sul navigating her romantic entanglements and her extraordinary gift, making for an engaging and enchanting storyline.

Rookie Cops

This coming-of-age drama presents a unique take on college life, centering around students at the Korean National Police University who aspire to become police officers. The main characters are Go Eun-gang , hailing from an ordinary family, and Wi Seung-hyun, the son of a high-ranking police executive.

As freshmen at the university, they face the challenges of rigorous training, including strict instructors and a demanding boot camp. Despite the difficulties, a tender love story unfolds between Go Eun-gang and Wi Seung-hyun as they gradually fall for each other during their journey towards becoming full-fledged cops.


Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum co-star in this delightful vacation-meets-real-life romance. Song Hye-kyo portrays Cha Soo-hyun, an unhappy daughter of a politician who ends up in a loveless marriage for her father’s benefit but later gets divorced. Everything changes when she travels to Cuba and encounters Park Bo-gum’s character, Kim Jin-hyeok, a sincere young man working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet.

Upon returning to South Korea to manage the hotel chain received as alimony, Soo-hyun is taken aback to discover that Jin-hyeok is now her employee. The story unfolds with the blossoming relationship between these two individuals from different backgrounds, creating a heartwarming and engaging narrative filled with love, surprises, and life-changing moments.

Revenge of Others

This intense youth drama begins with the tragic death of a male student at school. His sister, Ok Chan-mi, refuses to believe it was a suicide and takes matters into her own hands to find the truth. Despite the police finding no evidence of foul play, Chan-mi is determined to uncover her brother’s murderer. To do so, she enrolls at his school, Yongtan High, where she meets Ji Soo-heon (Lomon from All of Us Are Dead), a witness to her brother’s death, and starts investigating her new classmates.

As Chan-mi digs deeper into the mystery, a mysterious “hero” emerges at the school, seeking vengeance for bullied students. This development raises suspicions for Chan-mi, leading her to speculate that it might be connected to her brother’s death. The drama follows Chan-mi’s relentless pursuit of the truth and the discoveries she makes about her brother’s death, weaving a gripping narrative filled with intrigue and suspense.

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