8 New K-dramas On Netflix To Watch In 2024

Discover 7 new K-Dramas on Netflix in 2024!

From exciting thrillers to hilarious comedies, heartwarming romances, and captivating fantasy stories, there will be a K-drama for everyone to enjoy. Here are the new K-dramas coming your way.

Check out these new K-Dramas on Netflix in 2024.

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1. Bloodhounds

Based on a webtoon called Loan Shark, this thrilling action story follows two young boxers who face the dangerous world of loan sharks. Geon-woo, played by Woo Do-hwan, is a dropout who wants to help his family by paying off their debts.

He competes against Woo-jin, played by Lee Sang-yi, in the boxing ring. Despite being rivals at first, they team up to seek justice against powerful loan sharks. The series is directed by Jason Kim, known for the popular movie Midnight Runners. This is Kim’s first collaboration with Netflix.

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2. Celebrity

A young woman becomes famous overnight and enters the glamorous world of celebrity influencers. However, she discovers that things are not as they appear, and she has a plan to uncover the hidden secrets behind her fame. But it won’t be easy, as danger awaits her at every turn.

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3. King The Land

In the romantic comedy King The Land, Lee Jun-ho from 2PM and Yoona from Girls’ Generation play the main characters. Lee is Goo Won, a rich heir who is supposed to inherit his family’s hotels. Yoona is Cheon Sa-rang, a happy hotel employee who always has a smile on her face.

When Goo Won and Sa-rang meet, they don’t get along at first, but eventually, they start to have romantic feelings for each other, even though they started off as enemies.

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4. Doctor Cha

A housewife decides to chase her dream of becoming a doctor. She leaves her cozy life behind and joins the same hospital where her husband works, even though he doesn’t approve. Exciting and funny moments happen as she tries to find her place and show everyone that she has the skills to succeed.

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5. See You in My 19th Life

Ban Ji-eum, played by Shin Hye-sun, is a girl who has lived many lives through reincarnation for almost a thousand years. She can remember all her past lives. When her eighteenth life ends tragically, she decides to find and reunite with the man she knew in her previous life during her nineteenth life.

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6. The Good Bad Mother

When a terrible accident occurs, an ambitious prosecutor’s life takes a drastic turn. He suddenly has the mind of a child, causing him to think and act like a young kid. This unexpected change forces him and his mother to set off on a journey together.

Their goal is to repair their strained relationship, as they navigate the challenges and joys of their new reality. Throughout their journey, they will encounter various obstacles and experiences that will test their bond and ultimately lead them towards healing and understanding.

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7. Love to Hate You

A woman and a man don’t get along at first because they have different ideas about each other. But as they spend time together, they start to care about each other. Love wins over their initial doubts and proves that love is stronger than mistrust.

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8. Siren: Survive the Island

In this series, 24 women with different jobs like police officers, firefighters, and athletes are put into teams. They go to a faraway island and compete in different challenges for seven days. The goal is to see which team can stay until the end and be the last one standing.

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