8 Intriguing Facts About Lili Reinhart

She was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

Reinhart was born inĀ Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in the nearby town of Bay Village. She is of German and French descent and has stated her surname is of German origin.

Early Aspirations to Fame

Lili Reinhart’s career to become an actress began when she was just ten years old, embracing dancing, singing and acting with fervent passion. Her dedication to acting intensified, leading her to move to Los Angeles at the age of eighteen to pursue her dreams. Her perseverance paid off in 2017 with her role as Betty Cooper in “Riverdale”, followed by a starring role in “Chemical Hearts” in 2020.

She The Voice Behind “The Simpsons” Character

In 2020, Reinhart expanded her talents into voice acting, voicing the character Bella-Ella in “The Simpsons,” alongside her “Riverdale” co-stars Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch, in the episode “The Hateful Eight-Year-Olds.”

She Moved to Los Angeles by herself at 18 years old.

In a 2017 interview with W magazine, Reinhart shared that upon her arrival in Los Angeles at the age of 18, she found herself living in shared accommodations with scant financial resources at her disposal.

To make ends meet, she worked at a family-style restaurant located on Universal City Walk, all the while attending as many auditions as she could.

Reinhart recounted, “The anxiety of finding work consumed me, and I found myself spending nearly five months confined to a bedroom in a shared house, overwhelmed by anxiety, waiting for the next audition opportunity, and essentially doing nothing else. It was undeniably the lowest and most miserable period of my life.”

She is a New York Times Bestselling Author

Reinhart’s creativity also extends to writing, with her book of poems, “Swimming Lessons: Poems,” achieving New York Times bestseller status. Her work explores themes of fame, love, heartbreak, and personal struggles, offering a fictional yet deeply personal glimpse into her experiences.

An Advocate for Mental Health

Battling depression since fourteen, Reinhart is open about her struggles with anxiety and dysmorphophobia. She uses her platform, especially her Instagram account, to promote mental health awareness, self-acceptance, and holistic wellbeing, making it a “safe space” for honest discussions on these critical issues.

She is Committed to Social Activism

Reinhart passionately supports social causes, including the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQIA+ rights, proudly identifying as bisexual in 2020. She has also been active in advocating for women’s abortion rights in the U.S., using her voice to effect change.

A Voice for Change

“Look Both Ways,” a Netflix romantic comedy featuring Reinhart, showcases her charismatic presence in a story that charmingly unfolds along two possible life paths for her character, highlighting her versatility and appeal as an actress.

Lili Reinhart’s journey from a young dreamer to a multifaceted star in acting, writing, and activism highlights her diverse talents and unwavering commitment to her personal beliefs and mental health advocacy.

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