7 Interview Outfits to Help You Land the Job

Landing a new job can be a full-time job in itself. From perfecting your resume to practicing interviews and researching each company, it’s important to make a good impression. And your outfit can form a first opinion that counts.

Here are some tips for what to wear to an interview, with outfits that will make you look and feel confident – no matter how nervous you feel.

Casual Job Interview Outfits

When most people think of interview clothes for women, they probably imagine a traditional well-tailored suit. But, while not all roles demand a three-piece suit, even the most relaxed workplaces require a little polish.

For a casual job interview, a clean, off-duty look is the way to go. Perhaps one of the most fail-proof looks is denim jeans, a t-shirt or tank top and a smart blazer. Keep it simple and clean by opting for neutral tones that create a cohesive look, such as shades of blue, grey, nude, black or cream.

Once you have your colour scheme on point, express yourself with varying iterations in shape and silhouette. Straight-leg, wide-leg, or skinny jeans will show off your personal style. The tailored blazer has also evolved over the years – choose from a classic single-breasted fitted cut, an oversized look in breezy linen or a classic herringbone fabric. The blazer’s power shoulder can transform even the most casual looks into a chic, interview-appropriate ensemble.

Formal Professional Interview Outfits

Not sure what to wear to a job interview in a corporate setting? Corporate workwear has evolved. Once typically rigid and uniform, there are now endless ways to make your 9-5 attire feel fresh, versatile, and fashionable. The full matching set holds a particular power in the sartorial ranks, and there are always modern iterations to suit every style.

Choose a matching suit in high-quality fabrics and cuts. Linen is best for the warmer months and still looks professional and polished, and wool blends are perfect for winter. As you ease into the dress code, filter your suiting through your wardrobe as separates, extending the outfitting options of pieces you already own.

Video Interview Outfits

For a large portion of us, working from home has become a part of our everyday life. Taking an interview from the home office? Just like an in-person interview, confidence is key and the best way to feel your best is to dress to impress.

Directional prints are the way to getting noticed and letting your personal style and creativity shine. Opt for bold shirts and blouses with design details that are fashion-forward; like oversized fits, exaggerated sleeves and high necklines.

If you want to feel put-together from head to toe, a refined pair of utility-inspired cargo pants will get you in that interview mindset while remaining comfortable for long periods of time sitting down.

What Colours to Wear to an Interview

Colour says a lot about us, and in an interview, this is even more crucial. It’s often best to stick to neutral tones like black, grey, neutral, and blue tones. Tonal dressing is an effortless way to look put together too. Simply choose one colour family in different shades and textures that complement each other, like ivory, nude and camel.

For winter, darker and neutral tones are key. Layers are also essential when moving from outside to in. You don’t want to be sweating through your interview in a chunky knit or a heavy wool-blend suit. Opt for layering you can shed easily.

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