20 Simple and Cute Nail Art Ideas

Transform your biweekly nail appointment into a soothing self-care ritual that sets the tone for a refreshed week. From visiting the salon to painting your own designs at home, the relaxation begins. However, choosing a new design can sometimes be a challenge. Our collection of simple and adorable nail designs can help!

These designs are versatile and suitable for various seasons and occasions. Whether you’re in search of a moody winter nail design, prefer the warm colors of fall nails, love the vibrant shades of summer nails, or are planning for spring with an abundance of pastels, you’ll find numerous creative ideas here.

We’ve included designs featuring charming hearts, perfect for Valentine’s Day. There are also multiple versions of a French manicure, as well as neutral-toned nails adorned with glitter, gold, pearls, or white, which could make excellent choices for wedding day nails. No matter if you’re a gel mani enthusiast, a fan of dip powder, or a devoted acrylic nail user, you’ll find something to suit your taste.

Glitter Stars

Dazzle with glossy, shimmering stars that can be achieved by creating small triangles and connecting them.

Gel Fruit

Transform nearly translucent gel hues into adorable fruits by adding a few strokes of green polish.

Matte French

Elevate a classic French tip with a bright color and a matte top coat for an elegant look.

Glitter Cuffs

A single line of glitter placed at the base of the nail offers a fun and modern design.

Flame Tips

Add a unique twist to a French tip with lively flame designs, available in white or any vibrant color of your choice.


Adorn your nails with heart-shaped jewels and a golden starburst for an eye-catching and easy-to-execute design.

Marble Nails

Swirl a few white lines into a light pink base for a classy marbled design.

Pastel Hearts

Take a break from traditional red and pink hearts and try this pastel variation for a sweeter look.

Green and Gold Accents

Elegant gold and green accents on the tips of your nails create an intriguing negative space design.

Yellow Half Moons

Infuse some color into a neutral manicure by filling in half moons at the base of your nails, with yellow as the star shade.

Tri-Color Tips

When you can’t decide on just one color, opt for three complementary hues or vibrant contrasting colors for a fun and stylish manicure.

Blooming Flowers

This bold design features a gel base that blooms when colored dots are arranged on top, creating petals.

Ombre Glitter

Apply a bead of glitter polish and slowly dab it down the center of your nail to create an ombre effect, over a bare nail or a nude base.

Racing Stripes

A sporty take on the classic French tip, this design features double white lines to the left of the nail.

White Lines

Simple horizontal and vertical white lines add just the right amount of interest to a minimalist manicure.

Black and White

Classic black and white nails are always chic and sophisticated, with abstract white bands over a black French tip.

Wavy Smiley Faces

With a few squiggles of your brush and strategically placed dots, you can create animated smiley faces.

Chrome and Pearls

Achieve the It-girl take on the Hailey Bieber “glazed donut nails” trend with chrome and pearl accents.

Blue Waves

Create a splash with this innovative design by swirling blue and white polish shades on a plate or palette and gently laying them onto a nude base for a crashing wave effect.

Single Dot

A simple yet elegant design, create a single dot at the base of each nail using a dotting tool for subtle embellishment.

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