19 Cool Acrylic Nail Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Gel manicures may have become popular in recent years, but acrylic nails continue to hold their ground as a classic choice in the world of manicures. Their long-lasting durability and wide range of customization options make them a great choice for those seeking extra length or a touch of nostalgia.

Here are 19 cool acrylic nail ideas that will make a statement any time of year or occasion.

1. Barbie Pink Acrylic Nails

These swoon-worthy, transparent pink acrylic nails have a jelly finish that creates a see-through allure.

2. Neon Tips

Perfect for a summer pool day, these neon digits will make a head-turning statement.

3. Septum Piercing Statement

Adding nail jewelry is an easy way to enhance your acrylic mani. This septum piercing tip brings edge to the silver-tipped French manicure.

4. Bejeweled Acrylics

These delicate pink acrylics are playful and fun. Rainbow bright jewels elevate the otherwise neutral set to statement heights.

5. Full-Spectrum Nudes

This gradient nude manicure features richly hued, glossy bases and matching matte tips. Tonal textures add depth to the neutral design.

6. Tortoiseshell Set

These tortoiseshell acrylics are inherently elegant and sophisticated with a hint of ’90s sass.

7. Cow Print

If you’ve yet to try the cow print nail art trend, now’s your chance. Lucky for you, when working with acrylic nails your manicurist will be able to create even more dots and spots to make a can’t-miss style statement.

8. Cherry Acrylic Nails

These acrylic nails are quite literally the cherry on top of a perfect mani. If you don’t love the summery delight, consider swapping them for berries, coconuts, or your favorite citrus fruit.

9. A Regal Set

The hue of this milky mani is on the border of blue and purple, and it’ll look good no matter the season.

10. Marbled Acrylic Nails

Sometimes things are as simple as black and white. Case in point: these gorgeous black-and-white marble acrylic nails.

11. Line Drawing Acrylic Nails

This simple acrylic nail design mimics the elegance of a line drawing. Find some stencils you love, or go freehand if you’re looking to work your artistic abilities.

12. Pink Ombré Acrylic Nails

Pink ombré nails are a major fixture these days. If you want to test out the look, bring these acrylic beauties as inspo.

13. Rose Quartz

These almond-shaped rose quartz nails will give you all the good vibes.

14. Starry-Eyed Acrylic Nails

A star nail design is simple but fabulous, and it never goes out of style.

15. Multi-Colored Checkerboard Acrylic Nails

This modern take on a French manicure features a rainbow of primary colors in checkerboard patterns.

16. Candy Hearts Set

Customize each almond-shaped acrylic nail with your own personal message for a bespoke manicure.

17. Pride Acrylic Nails

You don’t have to wear these rainbow acrylics during Pride month to show off your spirit. Love is love all year round.

18. Checkerboard Tips

This nail design looks as if you dipped each finger into a different shade of the checkerboard flag found at finish lines.

19. Cloudy Day

We don’t know what we love more about this nail design: the rich blue shade, the fluffy clouds, or the star detailing interspersed throughout.

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