10 Lesser-Known Facts About Brie Larson, the Star Behind Captain Marvel

While Brie Larson is widely recognized for her portrayal of Captain Marvel, her talents and interests extend far beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An Academy Award-winning actress with a diverse set of hobbies and accomplishments, Larson has lived an intriguing life both on and off the screen. Here are ten fascinating tidbits about her that may have flown under your radar.

10. Bonding with Shailene Woodley

During the filming of “The Spectacular Now,” Larson and Shailene Woodley, who both vied for the affection of Miles Teller’s character, formed a real-life friendship. Woodley has spoken about finding a kindred spirit in Larson, crediting their shared project for reigniting her passion for acting. This bond only strengthened as Larson clinched the Best Actress Oscar for her role in “Room” in 2015, a part for which Woodley was also considered.

9. A Hidden Talent in Typography

Amidst the emotional intensity of shooting “Short Term 12,” Larson found solace in designing fonts. With graph paper and gel pens, she crafted several unique typefaces, including a favorite that resembled 3D mouse holes. Larson’s interest in typography dates back to her teenage years, showcasing her creative spirit outside of acting.

8. Her Directorial Ventures

Larson’s artistic pursuits aren’t confined to acting; she has also made strides as a writer and director. From her award-winning short film “The Arm” to her directorial feature debut with “Unicorn Store,” Larson has explored various storytelling facets. She even aspires to direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, showcasing her ambition to leave her mark behind the camera.

7. An Enthusiast for Mycology

One of Larson’s more unique hobbies is mycology, the study of fungi. An active member of a mycological society, she enjoys foraging for mushrooms around Los Angeles. Her fascination with fungi highlights Larson’s broader interest in the natural world and cooking.

6. A Genuine Fangirl

Larson is a self-proclaimed fangirl, with a particular affection for “Star Wars” and video games, including the “Mario” and “Zelda” franchises. Her fandom has influenced her personal and professional life, creating bonding opportunities with co-stars and inspiring her Halloween costumes.

5. Advocacy for Sexual Assault Victims

Larson has been a vocal advocate for sexual assault survivors, demonstrated by her supportive actions during the Oscars and her public stance on allegations within the entertainment industry. Her commitment to these issues predates the widespread attention brought by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

4. Early Start in Acting

Larson’s journey into acting began at a young age, with her determination set by the age of six. Her early admission into San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater and subsequent television roles laid the groundwork for her successful acting career.

3. French as Her First Language

Despite her Los Angeles upbringing, Larson was initially raised speaking French, reflecting her French Canadian heritage. Although her proficiency in French has waned over the years, it remains an integral part of her identity and influences her appreciation for foreign films.

2. The Story Behind Her Stage Name

Brie Larson wasn’t born with that name; she was originally Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers. Choosing a stage name for simplicity, Larson has shared different origins for her last name, including a connection to her great-grandmother and inspiration from an American Girl doll.

1. A Foray into Pop Music

Before fully establishing her acting career, Larson explored the music industry with her pop album “Finally Out of P.E.” Despite its limited success, this venture into music showcased Larson’s versatility and passion for creative expression, elements that continue to define her career.

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