38 Gorgeous Nail Design Ideas

Spring is here, and it’s time to let your nails have some fun! Whether you prefer a simple look or want to try something more trendy, I’ve got lots of spring nail design ideas to keep your manicure looking fresh all season long.

Adding Spring Inspiration to Your Nail Game

There are so many ways to add some spring inspiration to your nail game. Here are some ideas:

  • Subtle glitters
  • Floral designs
  • Pastel accent nails

You can request your favorite idea to be done in gel at your local salon or find the perfect press-on nail to do it yourself at home.

Trendy Twists on Classic Looks

If you love the trendy twists on classic looks, like French manis and rainbow nails, here are my favorite ways to add a spring vibe to these current trends.

Daisy Dukes

These 3D flowers added to a pink ombre base are exactly what you need to leave your winter blues behind.

Sunny Side

Add some sun to your spring days with this cheerful yellow design.

French Barbie

Go for the Barbie trend with a chrome pink French tip look.

Rainbow Outline

These rainbow French outline nails enter spring with a subtle pop of color.

Sky Blue Daisies

This sky blue mani features friendly daisies and chrome accents nails.

Pretty in Pink

These pink swirl nails will put a spring in your step!

All Smiles

How cute are these smiley face nails for spring or summer?

Daisy Fields

Daisies all over for a sweet floral design? Yes, please!

Botanical Babe

Add some flowers and greenery with nail art or these nail stickers for an at-home mani.

Blue Skies

These velvet cat eye nails in a baby blue are a soft and pretty start to spring.

Wavy Checkerboard

Get into the checkered trend with this wavy design.

Pastel Confetti

Celebrate spring with pastel confetti over the top of your favorite spring pastel hue.

Pastel Rainbow Flowers

Add color with a mint green base and some rainbow pastel petals!

Blue Butterflies

Make your spring mani a breeze with butterfly decals.

Peek A Boo Bunny

Nothing says spring like sweet little bunnies on your nails.

Spring Barbie

Try the hot trend of a reverse optical illusion French manicure in the perfect pink and purple pastel for spring.

Bee Yourself

Bee excited for spring with these pretty pollinators.

Lavender Love

These purple French tips with daisy details are the perfect welcome to spring weather.

Bunny Tails

Hop into spring with these cute pearl bunny tail nails!

Sherbet Tie-Dye

Remind yourself of a spring sunrise with this pastel tie-dye color combo.

Strawberry Patch

Wear these to the strawberry patch and the berries won’t be the only thing looking fresh.

Pastel Yin Yang

This purple and pink yin yang design is fun for spring and well into summer.

Rainbow Waves

Spring rain brings rainbows so let your nails get in on the color too with this rainbow nail design.

Color Blocked Tips

Color block your French tip nails with your favorite spring mint and green hues for a fresh look.

Happy Nails

These nails have such a happy vibe when you make every nail an accent nail!

You’re A Star

Add some stars and glitter French tips to your nails for a fun yet simple look.

Grape Gemstones

These pastel purple jelly nails look so cute with a rhinestone accent.

Sweet Swirl

Try a nude translucent shade with a simple line swirl for an understated pattern.

Green Grass Cat Eye

Welcome all the growing grass with this green cat eye effect.

Sunny Daze

These happy yellow-tipped nails will bring in the sunshine.

Pink Jelly Sparkle

These petal pink jelly nails have just the right amount of sparkle to be fun but not too over the top.

Minty Waves

These mint colored waves will match all the new bud springing up in your yard.

Pink Hologram

Take advantage of the spring sunshine and show off your hologram mani in a bright pink shade.

Floral Bunny

Spring flowers and a sweet bunny will put a hop in your step.

Mint and Gold

Try a mint green base with a gold and sage green side accent.

Purple Half Moons

These contrasting shades of purple make the half moon look into a pastel dream.

Pastel French Tips

To add a little color without going crazy, try rainbow colored pastel French tips!

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